3 thoughts on “Pet Sitting 101

  1. Loved video of Maelle and Maxine looking after Ruby and Teddy. They will miss them when you are finished pet/house sitting. ❤️❤️🐱🐶


  2. I am loving following your posts so much! Your media is so well done, I am extremely impressed! The girls should be super proud of themselves for being so responsible, and I am so happy that they have the chance to have extremely rewarding and memorable experiences all around the world! It looks beautiful, both the house and the environs where you are. Isla misses Maelle beaucoup, beaucoup, beaucoup, and wishes her and Maxine the most extraordianary and enriching adventures that will serve fodder for a lifetime of warm, fulfilling memories. Gros bisous a vous tous!

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  3. Hi it’s Isla. Thank you very very much for the post card and yes I am very well and I loved it!!! How is your new life? I loved your videos somich and you are so cute! And your friends and my friends and me all miss you and love you and wish to see you again. Oh and where is your favourite place so far?

    P.S If we knew how to give you some emojis we would but sadly we don’t know how

    P.P.S everyone Loves you!

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