M4 en entrevue à Radio-Canada!

Nous avons eu le privilège récemment de parler un peu plus de notre voyage dans une entrevue avec Johanie Bilodeau de Radio-Canada Saguenay Lac-St-Jean. Voici le lien pour entendre l’entrevue, lire le texte et voir des photos:


2 thoughts on “M4 en entrevue à Radio-Canada!

  1. Oh mon Dieu, félicitations! I am enjoying your breathtaking blog to the M4th degree! Malheureusement, I’m behind on consuming the wildly fascinating, mind-blowingly beautiful, truly hilarious and deeply enjoyable posts with the attention they deserve; I urge you to please publish! (insert CRTC grant here!) (Also, I lost an email that I finally identified in my “spam” folder today…who knew I had a spam folder?! if you can, please re-send!)

    But we are SOoooooooooooooo happy for you- the girls look so great; profoundly fulfilled, and I”m sure are having countless experiences of their lives which they won’t realise or appreciate until they’re adults- truly princesses à la Istanbul. It is awesome and fortuitous that you can both document so naturally and professionally, with motivation and interest.

    Although we miss you and lament each time we pass by your complex (truly!) we are over the moon to realise that you are taking in the same moon, only from incredible distant lands about which we can also share and indulge with pleasure thanks to your extremely entertaining, educational and gorgeous posts.


    1. Oh! What wonderful comments! Thanks so much Tricia for following us! Blogging is time consuming so we do appreciate when people read and enjoy them. We’ve started a few more and we really need to wrap them up and publish them soon. I think for most people and for us, the Facebook posts and Instagram photos are easier to keep on top of and more accessible and easier to follow. We are definitely not short on materials for writing though, far from it! We miss you guys too and hope you are well!


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